Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Vacation at home, and supper plans

Good Morning Everyone :-)

My dearest has been on vacation since last Wednesday but today he went back to work. I already miss him....We had a great vacation. Also wanted to add my Cheesy Bread sticks and easy homemade marinara sauce was placed in the top 3 on Foodie Friends Friday :-) So happy about that and thankful for those who voted :-)

We saw Fireworks on Tuesday night at a local college, then fireworks over the ocean on Wednesday night :-) If anyone gets the chance to watch fireworks over the ocean do it. :-) Thursday was grocery shopping day, as we wanted to get the errands out of the way...So we did grocery shopping etc that day and we got the kiddos a slip and slide.  It was ten dollars and it really doesn't slip so you really can't slide. However, it sprays water out the side of it etc. The kids still love it so thats all that counts right? ;-) We also took the kiddos for smoothies at Tropical Smoothies.

Friday we headed to the Capron Zoo in Attleboro.....It is an awesome Zoo to go to. Its small but yet has a lot of different things. They also have a splash park..The kids love it.

We then decided that night to go camping in our back yard :-) We got a free tent awhile back and our oldest really wanted to go camping :-) So we decided it would be a great night to do it. We put the tent in the yard, and had a wood fire in our grill. It was a great night...but yeah J and I didn't sleep that well at all. I think it was like 2 hours the whole night. Hey we are not young anymore. LOL  The kids slept like a rock though. My oldest got to roast her first marshmallow over the fire. She was so beyond happy to cook something over fire. She had three marshmallows before bed. Hey, it was a family night so it was allowed. LOL 

We had a great family stay at home vacation and I hope you enjoyed joining us in pictures :-) Tonight for supper we are having a recipe from Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot casserole from TheCountry Cook :-) Go look at it, it looks so great. Most of all its made in the crock pot....

What are your plans for the day? Today I have to do laundry. Im way behind in it.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! Love camping in the back yard!!

  2. You are the best parents because I would have made hubby sleep outside and I would have been in my comfy bed. Seems like a great "vacation."

    1. J and I actually went camping together a lot earlier on in our relationship. I grew up camping. Its something we both love. We slept on a twin air mattress and it was NOT comfy. We would of been better off sleeping on the ground. LOL