Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Menu

Good Morning Everyone,
Its been awhile since I posted a blog....The recipes we have had this week I haven't really posted recipes for.  I can't believe its the end of the week for us anyway. J doesn't work tomorrow. So that's when our weekend starts.

Tonight we run errands so we usually find something at the store. I'm thinking something fresh like salad or sandwiches.

I also have layed out our weekly menu!! I'm choosing lighter meals this week :-) So here is a list of our weekly menu. *Please note that our weekly menu is only 3 days just because Thursday is errand night, and we just pick something up. Plus Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night are nights where we eat whatever....*

1. Buffalo Chicken Wraps and homemade onion rings

2.  Steak and Scalloped Potatoes

3. Coca Cola BBQ Chicken and Portuguese Cucumber Salad

4. Italian Roast Beef sandwiches w/ peppers, onions and fried potatoes/onions

Do you plan a weekly menu??? If so how many days? And have you planned it yet??? Lets chat :-)


  1. I plan a whole week at a time, even if the plan just includes "sandwiches" or something, so that I know what to buy at the store.

  2. I plan a weekly menu M-F! Yours looks yummy :)