Crock Pot 101- Recipes

Good Morning Everyone,

When I asked the question "What more you would like to see in an expanded menu planning section "you all mentioned crock pots.  So I decided to keep a section on crock pots. This will house all of my crock pot recipes. I love the crock pot. When my dearest and I first got together I wanted a crock pot so bad. So when Christmas came around guess what I got? Yep a crock pot. That was years and years ago. It was actually funny because that Christmas I got not 1 but 2 crock pots. One from my dearest and then one from another relative. I ended up giving the second one away. However the one my dearest got me I kept. Its so awesome. It has a seal around the lid and it latches. This has been the gift that keeps giving.  I have used it several times a week since I got it. I love that everything comes out all soft and shreddable with a fork.  I would liek a small one to warm dips and stuff in but for now I have my trusty crock pot. I think if it ever breaks I will cry and cry and cry. I have contemplated buying another one because usually when I like something it stops selling. LOL It doesn't have a timer....and I quite frankly don't want one with a timer. Just more things to break. Mine has high low and warm I think.

So if you want a crock pot but not sure you'll use it just go get one. You'll never ever second guess that decision. It works great for soups, and a whole lot more.  Here is a list of all my crock pot recipes.

1. Crock Pot Meatballs ( I use the meatball for homemade subs)
2. Veggie Soup
3. Crock Pot Blender Applesauce
4. Steak and Cheese Subs (crock pot shredded steak)
5. Hawaiian Shredded Pulled Pork
6. Chicken Nachos
7. Beef Stew
8. Sweet and Sour Chicken
9. Pepper Roast
10. Shredded BBQ Beef Roast
11. Buffalo Chicken Won Ton Cups

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