Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Dinner/ and daily plans

Good Morning
I always hate when I plan a menu for the week, and then we forget an ingredient. Come the week when I want to make that said meal...and we do not have that last ingredient. Nor can we afford it. Yeah that happened last night. I forgot corn tortillas for my Chicken Taquitos. So I grabbed a box of La Choy Sweet and Sour...Just add chicken. Yes I know it wasn't the healthiest meal but thats what we had. Hey never said I was perfect. LOL I threw in broccoli to it as well.

Today I have a super busy day ahead of me..For my daughters 4th birthday she got CVS gift cards. She LOVES that store...its about a mile each way. We have always walked there to get a "special drink"....So today is our only free day this week, so we are walking there. Its about a 2 mile walk total.  She loves it, and its great exercise.   After we walk to CVS then I have to get dinner in the crock pot, house clean and laundry done. We have a friend coming over for supper tonight..

Supper today is roast,potatoes, carrots and onions in the Crock pot, homemade dinner rolls and blueberry crisp :-) Sounds really good right???!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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