Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blueberry Crisp OH MY

Good Morning Everyone,

I love cooking for people, its just something I really enjoy sharing with people. J and I have a good friend. and is also the girls honorary Uncle. Anyways, we have him for dinner every once in awhile.  He loves anything blueberry, so when I know he is coming for dinner I make him something blueberry. I thought I'd try Blueberry Crisp, and Im glad I did :-) Hence the no leftovers :-)

I found this recipe online, so here is the recipe: Blueberry Crisp :-) It was sooo good..and there were no leftovers. You know you want to try this :-)

I also made my homemade Kaiser rolls :-)

Before they are done :-)


They are soo good :-) Here is the recipe that I use for these rolls :  Kaiser-Rolls
Everyone loves them :-) Go for it try it out :-)

Tonight for dinner Im making bbq chicken,  oven roasted olive oil and basil fries, cajun fries, and garlic green beans :-) Not on my menu plan but this sounded so much better :-)

What are you cooking today???

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