Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is why I blog

This morning as I was browsing through the foodie pages, I ran across an article from Homemade-Served-Here...It was entitled "Why I blog" found here :Why I Blog and she asked the question "Why do you blog?" It got me to thinking that I should write a blog post about why exactly I blog :-)

Food has always been apart of mine life....growing up food was a very important part of my family. As long as I remember my mom always made nice suppers. We always set at the table as a family and it was a special time. My mom was never one to forbid us from roaming the kitchen...I remember many experiments and my mom always stood behind us helping us all the way. If we wanted to experiment she let us go for it :-)  I think that started my love for cooking. We grew our own vegetables, and my mom always canned things. She made her own homemade bread and we appreciated good home cooked food.  My mom taught us how to make food, how to can, we helped plant things in the garden. She taught us that we can purchase all our groceries with limited means.  She taught me how to make more meals out of one. One of my fond memories is of forking pizza dough, putting toppings on pizza, going out to our garden to get salad ingredients...Such precious memories to me. I still cherish my moms cooking, and I cherish cooking with her.

Fast forward to my adult years, I continued cooking...I now have a family of my own and I cook every meal. I plan our weekly meals and that is what I make. I love cooking for my family, seeing the smiles on their face, hearing my kiddos say " thank you" for dinner.  I started sharing on my personal facebook page the meals for each day. Then several people came to me and telling me to start a food blog. So that was the birth of Cooking From a SAHM.  My goal at that point was just to put my meal plans for the week, and share recipes.  Then another thought came to my mind....Why don't I start a facebook page as well :-) Then came the birth of my facebook page Cooking From a SAHM FB Page :-)

When I started my "Cooking From a SAHM" page, I decided my goal was to involve kids in the kitchen. My kids do things here and there when I'm cooking. My oldest makes cupcakes with her Mamaw every time she is here. So I often invite my kids in the kitchen. Its the learning place...Its a bonding between a mother, and her children. That became my mission in blogging. Another mission that I had was that I wanted to share recipes that EVERYONE could make. Every time I look at the Food Network, I see a bunch of food that is expensive to make, and looks horrible.  I had another goal in mind...I was going to make my goal to make fancier meals in a budget.

My blog may not be fancy, the pictures may not be great....and sometimes I may not post a recipe..When I started blogging I made my family a priority. If the blog became first then I would quit. My family comes first, blog comes second.

My blog will always be centered around family, and living on a budget. My family, my mom is a huge encouragement with my blog. I love my parents for everything they have showed me :-)

This is why I blog...Pure and Simple in one word : FAMILY :-)

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