Monday, June 11, 2012

Supper plans, and new items

Good Morning Everyone,

We had yet another busy weekend, but a fun one. We went with a friend to the ocean yesterday. My how I love the ocean....walking along the smooth sand, water rushing in and covering my toes :-) Oh yeah sorry back to reality...LOL Then J and I made supper for his parents, sister, her husband and our kiddos. We did grilled chicken, potato packets and I made homemade kaiser rolls. It was  good.

Tonight for supper we are having Hawaiian Pizza. If it turns out awesome I will post the recipe for you. Im opting for easy food this week to make...:-)

I have several things to update:

A friend of mine this weekend gave me a few ideas that he would like to see in the blog. So I am using one of the ideas for now. Once a month I will be doing a product review. No I am not being paid to do this....this is just new things Im trying...then writing a post about it. This month it will be Land o Lakes Sea salt and olive oil butter.

Update on Chopped: As I have said on several occasions my family comes first. The end of June is super busy for us. My daughters bday is Friday, Graduation party for a cousin on Saturday, Fathers Day on Sunday. Then my daughter has a Dance rehearsal on Thursday, Her family bday party on Saturday, Dance rehearsal on Sunday. THEN that next weekend we have her Dance recital. So while Im still planning to do chopped, it really has to wait till things have calmed down. Im still thinking of ideas for it, but its a bit more complicated etc.

I hope everyone has a great day :-)

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