Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken is whats for dinner!

For some reason this week, my grocery list was missing a few key items. I usually have everything I need but well something must of went crazy this week.  J had to go and purchase some of the ingredients for me. Its rather frustrating when you go to fix supper, to find out your missing something. So tonight I had chicken breasts to figure out what to do with.

So tonight for supper we are having baked chicken marinated in italian dressing(and whatever else I toss in there), rice, and broccoli :-) My three year old last night asked me if we could have broccoli with our chicken. Of course I agreed (most fight with their kids about veggies, my kids adore em). Im not sure if the chicken will taste right but I will let you know tonight of course.

I would kind of like to make a dessert but not sure if I will or not.

Have a great day Friends :-)

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