Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Help No Kid Hungry

I have always had a heart for those in need....its been that way since I was young.  I remember my heart breaking when I saw a man digging in the trash for food, when I was on a Girl Scout trip.  I watched as my mom and another mom went and bought the guy a meal. He was very happy. My parents have always taught me, to help others in need.  I helped at a shelter when I was a teen and my heart again broke when I saw how many kids were there. Yet, honestly they were so polite. They said please, thank you....Siblings helping each other. They may not have much including food, but they have each other.  

Now, I am the owner and blogger of this food blog, and I joined up with No Kid Hungry. I have always thought I know that those in Foreign countries are starving, but I wondered who was doing something about those in America who are?!  I was excited to join in No Kid Hungry bloggers. It was my way of helping get rid of Child hunger. It makes me happy when my kids see a No Kid Hungry commercial and they say " Momma you help kids with them too." They are so proud of me.

I know as a mom I do what I can to make sure that my kids go to bed with a full belly. I hate that many kids are going to bed not knowing when their next meal will come.  As a mom and a Food blogger my goal is to make sure that no children go to bed hungry.  There are many ways you can help.

1. Donate to my fundraiser...All money goes to No Kid Hungry. For ever 1 dollar TEN meals will be donated. Click here to donate
2. Find Summer Meals in your area and volunteer. You can text FOOD to 877-877

3. Pledge to STOP Child Hunger! Go to Take the Pledge

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