Monday, June 1, 2015

Pizza Panini

Today I bring you a story and a recipe :-)  You saw that I got a sandwich maker right? Well that came from some dear friends Matthew and Sarah. I met them back in 2012 at a Food/Clothing drive that they were doing. I didn't know anyone but I wanted to help people....Who knew these people would become my friends?!  I joined their group called Project New Bedford. Our goal is to help those in need. Anyhow, when we had a meeting I brought them a roasting oven I had...I didn't need it. Then they showed me something they had...A sandwich press. I've been wanting one forever!  They offered it to me and I jumped on it. I am so excited!!!!  So the first thought came to my head I needed to make a Pizza Panini. Lets just say I love my new sandwich maker! It'll be put to good use.  A huge thanks to Matt and Sarah, for not only the sandwich press but for their friendship. Proud to be apart of Project New Bedford.

Pizza Panini
Loaf of Italian Bread sliced, or a thicker sliced bread
1 Jar of Pizza Sauce
Block of Mozzarella
Sliced onions

Take one slice of bread and spread butter and garlic sea salt on the bread. On the other side spread pizza sauce. Layer Pepperoni, and a medium slice of mozzarella. More pepperoni, onions and any other toppings you want. Now spread butter on the second slice of bread and make sure you put it butter side up. Now if you have a sandwich press warm it up and put it on. If you don't you can easily use a skillet...Just use a lid or cookie sheet to press the sandwich. Cook it till golden brown on the crust. Eat and ENJOY!

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