Monday, May 4, 2015

Easy Dino Party

Good Morning Everyone,
As a lot of you know my daughter turned 5 yesterday. She loves dinosaurs....every bit of dinosaurs. She has a ton of them and it was actually great. I was able to use those dinosaurs for decorations of the party. Anyhow, usually I do cupcakes and ice cream. However I just really didn't wanna do ice cream. I was laying in bed one night and came up with an idea of Dinosaur exploration Pudding cups. You can eat pudding and find all kinds of dinosaur treasures. All edible! Then I bought plastic dinosaurs for the cupcakes cause well I'm not that good at making things like that. It turns out the cake decorating class came in handy LOL.

First off the cupcakes. My daughter wanted "Tye dye" cupcakes. So what I did was made a box mix, and took about 2 cups of each batter. I then colored each one with the color we wanted. Karina chose Blue, Red and Pink.  In a cupcake tin I put in liners. Then I put in one color(not much just about a table spoon. Then the next color. Be careful not to mix. Mine was only three layers. Bake in the oven till done. When you take the liner off you'll have rainbow cakes. Then I made grass using my Wilton tips. But if you do not have those you can just use green frosting.  No biggy.  Here is my cupcake arrangement:
Next up I wanted something different then the normal ice cream. So one night I came up with Dino Exploration Pudding Cups :-) The chocolate pudding is tar, chocolate cookies is dirt etc. Here is the recipe:
*Dino Bone recipe came from Pinterest, not my idea. I just added it to my pudding cup idea.*
3 boxes of chocolate pudding
(make it like normal)
2 packages of chocolate oreos
( used cheap chocolate sandwich cookies)
1 small package of chocolate covered raisins
(dino poop) 
1 package of peanut m&m's 
(Dino eggs but you can find something else if your allergic)
Gummy Dinos 
(found at our local grocery store)
Pretzel sticks and Small Marshmallows
(dino bones)
White Chocolate
Clear small plastic cups...I had to use these bigger ones but most stores sell the small ones.

First off you'll want to make the dino bones:
Take a pretzel stick and on each end put a mini marshmallow. Make about 30 of them. Then I melted the white chocolate and dipped them in it. Keep doing it till all are done. Spray a cooling rack and put them on top.  When they are all done pop them in the freezer. Next you can work on everything else. 
Make your pudding as you normally would. Put it in the fridge to chill. Next you will need to crush the chocolate cookies till crumbly. Lay out the amount of cups you need. Take about a tablespoon or so of chocolate cookie crumbs and put it on the bottom. Now take your chocolate raisins, gummy dinos, m&ms and put 3 of each on the bottom. Next cover with pudding...You do about a half cup of pudding. Top with cookie crumbs, gummy dinos. Take your bones out of the freezer. GENTLY take off which is why I said to spray it. LOL If it is having a hard time let it come to room temp.  Take two bones for each cup and put it in the pudding cup. Then EAT AND ENJOY!


  1. Love it!! With 3 little boys I am sure I will be doing this same birthday at some point! Thanks

  2. Super cool Dino party treats Lysska!!! Looks like fun for all ages, LOL.