Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chicken Rice Soup

Good Morning Everyone,
My four year old loves Chicken Rice Soup...but only the one at the Chinese restaurant. However, she asked me to create her one. So I did. 

Chicken Rice Soup
3 Cups Chicken Broth
1 shredded boneless skinless chicken breast
2 C.. Cooked Rice
2 C Frozen Mixed Veggies
2 Sliced Celery Stalks.
1 T Rosemary
2 Tsp Pepper
Pinch of Salt

In a sauce pan put in your frozen mixed vegetables, 1 C chicken broth, celery and rosemary. Cook for about 10 minutes. Next add your shredded chicken, cooked rice, salt, pepper and rest of the chicken broth.  Cover and cook on low for about half hour. ENJOY!

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  1. Lovely. Sounds so delicious and yummy and flavourful.