Monday, January 26, 2015

Apple Caramel Bread

So a dear cousin came to me with a bread idea, it was for a Caramel Apple Bread. So for their bread of the month I created it for them. It was really good.

Apple Caramel Bread
1 Granny Smith apple pealed and diced small
1 Jar of Salted Caramel Sauce
2 1/4 Tsp Yeast
1/2 C Warm water
1 T Sugar
1 1/2 C Warm Water
1/3 C Olive Oil
5 C Flour
2 Tsp Salt
3 T Sugar

In your mixer bowl add your 1/2 C warm water, yeast and 1 T of sugar. Mix till combined. Let it sit for 5 minutes. It should be foamy. Now add your 1 1/2 C warm water, olive oil, flour, salt and sugar. Mix till teh dough forms a ball and isn't sticky.  Let it rise for an hour till doubled. Now cut it into two. Once its doubled then put it on a floured surface and spread it out into a rectangle. Spread your caramel sauce, apple pie sugar mix and your apples. Now roll it up and seal it. Put it in a greased loaf pan. Let it rise till doubled for another hour.  Baked it at 350 till its nice and brown.  This makes TWO loaves.
Its a very moist bread so be careful when cutting it. 

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