Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving Tuesday

Many of you know that I work with No Kid Hungry and I am an avid supporter. Child hunger is a real problem in America, that is a problem I would love to solve. Well, with the help of No Kid Hungry I can help fight it.  We have entered the Holiday season, and many kids are going hungry and not just on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Millions of kids go without breakfast, lunch and supper. We can help stop that, YOU can help stop that. 

December 2nd is #GivingTuesday! What is #GivingTuesday you might ask?! One December 2nd any donation to No Kid Hungry will be matched by their Corporate Supporter. No donation is to small!!! If you only have a dollar to give then please do. Just donating one dollar provides 10 meals...Yes I said 10. Can you imagine?! That kids only wish might be that he/she goes to bed with a full tummy. Did you want to do something for Christmas that is different? Consider using the money that you'd spend and donate it to No Kid Hungry. 
You can donate every day but ONLY ON DECEMBER 2ND will your donations be doubled. For every donation it will be doubled.

I challenge YOU yes YOU to donate to No Kid Hungry.  Challenge your kids to help too!!! If they get an allowance ask them if they'd like to help kids have food in their bellies. Chances are your kids will want to do it.
*ALL donations will be matched up to 50,000. This will give No Kid Hungry and YOU the chance to help and give up to ONE MILLION meals. Can you imagine?
Some kids only wish is that their bellies are full, help make their dream come true and donate even just a dollar.

Thank you for reading this :-)

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