Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No Kid Hungry!

During the Holidays is when we start to suddenly think about all the kids, families going hungry. I often wonder, do people not realize that people go hungry on more then just Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Every day of year hundreds, millions kids go hungry. There are 365 days in a year...that is a lot of kids if you think about it. Most are going to school hungry, going to bed hungry. We need to stop focusing on ourselves and focusing on others. We need to bring attention that there are kids going without food....Families who are having to starve. That is not right!!! 

People should not be hungry in America. Why can't we do something about this?! Little kids are not asking to go without food. They do not deserve this. They do not deserve to go to bed hungry and cry themselves to sleep. I often look at my kids and think " I can't imagine if they were hungry...". We need to step up and do something. Do not just stand by thinking if you ignore it that it will go away!  Everyone can do something....even down to small kids.
Please watch the video.

First of all you can go to No Kid Hungry and take the pledge. Go do it! Your just saying that your going to help fight child hunger.
Go to No Kid Hungry Call for Action and enter your state and town to find organizations that you can help...Bring your kids along with you! Kids need to know that child hunger is a REAL problem! Let them help! Can you imagine if ALL the kids stood up for No Kid Hungry?  Don't hide it from your kids! Stand up along with them and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Only YOU and ONLY YOU can make a difference.  Here is a message from me!

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