Friday, November 7, 2014

Basically Easy Eats- CHICKEN

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our second post  of Basically Easy Eats. This will come out every Friday! You maybe wondering what it is.  Basically Easy Eats is a series that I'm doing, that will focus on Basic ingredients that can make easy meals. Lets face it ground beef, flour, butter etc are things we generally have on hand. A lot of times we have ground beef hanging around with no idea what to do with it. Some days when your stressed and not sure what is for dinner, its awesome to have ideas on Easy recipes. So this week I am focusing on Chicken.

I have been around chicken all my life, both live and dead. Growing up my family raised chickens. It was my job to feed, water and collect the eggs. I also help butcher them when time came. Honestly it was great for me but I can't say I miss it now that I'm grown up! I honestly don't really wanna feed or water chickens unless I absolutely have to! That being said I'd probably let my kids do it because its a learning experience. Now my view is that the only chicken that I'll handle is a dead one. That brings me to our ingredient today...CHICKEN! Growing up with chickens has never stopped me from loving to eat chicken. Its one of my top favorite meats.  It is so versetile.  Our local grocery store has what they call "Big Buy".  When I have freezer room, I buy one or two of the packs. It comes with 7-8 boneless skinless chicken breasts. I will freeze them in baggies of course. That way I have stock in chicken. I like to think of boneless skinless chicken breasts as a blank canvas. You can do so much with it. One thing I have discovered is that I cut the chicken breasts in half lenghth wise. That makes two breasts go into FOUR! Thats a big difference. Another way is to cut it in strips! Do you know how many strips 2 chicken breasts make? :-) I also will buy a big pack and plan two chicken meals for the week. Which means I'm only buying one thing of chicken not two.
Another thing that I enjoy doing is buying a whole chicken. Yes it can be expensive but I have found that whole chickens do go on sale. I buy one and I make 2 meals out of one. Yes I said two meals.   I will cook the chicken, and we will have a chicken dinner, then I will shred the rest. Then I will make a meal with the shredded chicken. So again your making two meals out of one.

Now lets discuss things to do with cooked chicken! Who knew I had so much to say about chicken ;-) I sure didn't haha!
This is a big tip! Tired of shredding chicken by hand?  Do you have a kitchen aid mixer? Just throw your chicken in the mixer and BAM! You have shredded Chicken.
Tip number 2. Cook your chicken in the crock pot!! It cooks for 4 hours and  its DONE. You don't have to turn your oven on either.
Now here are some easy recipes for chicken:
Chicken Pot Pie is so good and comforting. Its so easy. I use Pillsbury pre made crust. It comes with two in pack. The veggies are mixed frozen veggies.
Chicken Pot Pie 
Next up is Chicken Casserole. This recipe is soo good and easy! Its in 5 ingredients....
Chicken Casserole
Chicken Nachos....What can I say about these? These are soo good and use boneless skinless chicken breasts.
Chicken Nachos
These skillet chicken nuggets are my kids favorite and they are easy!
Skillet Chicken Nuggets
Here are some easy but good BBQ Chicken Cheddar Melt Sandwiches
BBQ Chicken Cheddar Melt
BBQ Chicken Wings are a favorite! Here is an easy but good recipe!
BBQ Chicken Wings
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Easy parm Chicken
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Roasted Whole Chicken

I truly hope that you have enjoyed these recipes!!!! These are easy meals that you can make using chicken!

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