Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Taking the Pledge to Stop child hunger.

Good Morning Everyone, I'm here to ask you all to take the Pledge to stop Child Hunger. Child hunger is a huge problem in America and it needs TO STOP NOW! You yes I mean YOU can step up and take the pledge to stop hunger! Check out the video I made! I challenge each of you to take the pledge. Its free but you are pledging to help STOP Child Hunger. Come join me and millions of others by taking the pledge.

I remember one time I went with my local Youth Group to a Homeless shelter to serve food. The amount of kids that came in was alarming. All those kids going hungry? It still makes me sad! They were the most polite honest kids I've seen. They were beyond grateful for their food. It touched my heart in a way that it won't ever go away! I still remember it to this day. Its also not just homeless. There are so many families going without food, but have a house. Lets stop this alarming trend. We can do something and YOU can do something. I challenge you!!! Lets make a good change in this world. One person can change the world, but lets get MORE then ONE. Lets rock this so that every kid has a chance for food. Its important to me and also to my blog. Please come join me in taking the pledge.

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