Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where I was

Good Morning Everyone, Sorry I disappeared....The MRI which was suppose to be with injection changed to just a normal MRI on both shoulders. Mostly because the hospital messed up and he just needed something of both shoulders. So it was good....I just had to sit still for 2 hours. IT was tough and my shoulders were killing me afterwards. Came home and went directly downstairs for Pizza night. Saturday was a full on busy day. We went to a daffodil field and hike, went and got a new tv as our OLD and HEAVY tv was dying. So we got an LG 40 inch tv. First tv we have EVER bought together.  Then we had to go grocery shopping and a lot more. We didn't get home till about 8:30. I threw the kids in the bath, got them to bed. Attempted Blueberry lemon muffins and it was a FAIL. I don't know what went wrong but it did. I got frustrated and decided not to cook that night. Then we got started on Easter bunny stuff. Filling eggs, hiding eggs, making baskets, making clues for the kids to find the baskets. We didn't get done till about midnight. Woke up 6 AM Sunday. Made banana bread and muffins, did our family Easter stuff. Then got the kids in their dresses, and headed out the door for Easter Breakfast. After Easter breakfast, we went to my MIL and had lunch. The kids ended up staying the night. So J and I came home and went for a walk, and set on the porch and talked. It was super nice. Then we headed to bed early. J decided to take the day off so we hung out together with no kids. Then around 5 we had a birthday party for Js cousins daughter. Js parents dropped the kids off....After the party and horse riding for the kids, we came in and relaxed.  Its been a busy but stressful weekend.

I go see my dr Thursday Morning to find out the results of my double MRI.  Then find out when surgery will be and how bad off my shoulder is.

That is just why I haven't been around :-) Its just been plain crazy and I don't think that's gonna change.


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  1. AWW Life! Ain't it grand! :) All well be good at the end of the ride. Take care and try those blueberry lemon muffins again. Sounds yummy.