Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Garlic Dill Green beans with White wine and olive oil

Hello Everyone, I honestly had not planned to make a new recipe last night after my awful day. However, I was working on supper and it just came to me. So I went with it! Good thing I did because these green beans were sooo good...even cold. This would make a good holiday dish or just a dish for every day! 

Garlic Dill Green Beans with White Wine and olive oil

2 lbs Fresh green beans
(Ends snapped, and then snapped in half)
3 cloves of garlic chopped
(small but not to small)
1 T Dill Weed
1 T Olive oil
(for the garlic)
1 T Olive oil
1/4 C White Wine
(I use cooking wine)
Sprinkle of Onion Powder
Sprinkle of salt

In a skillet put your 1 T of olive oil. Put it on the stove and heat the olive oil up. Please make sure its hot so that the garlic doesn't just sit in it. Next put your chopped garlic in it. Stir around and eat till it starts to get golden. Add your green beans and dill weed in  toss to coat. Cook on a medium heat.  When the green beans get a nice and warm, add your last tablespoon of olive oil, and your white wine. Then add salt and onion powder. Cook till the wine has reduced. Keep stirring. The garlic will brown but that's okay! Do not cook the green beans till they are soggy. They need to be cooked till almost all cooked. They need to have a crunch. Takes about ten minutes or so but just eye it.


  1. I absolutely love green beans! I have pinned this recipe and share it on my page. Yummy!

  2. Did you use fresh or dried dill? Sounds yummy!

  3. Did you use fresh or dried dill? Sounds yummy!

    1. I used dry but I think its be amazing with fresh. I just don't get fresh around.