Monday, March 31, 2014

Garlic Parm Breadsticks

Garlic and Parm Bread sticks

When I made this recipe I was thinking about a restaurant called Fazolis. This restaurant gave all you can eat bread sticks. My brother John and I use to LOVE going there. It was our special thing. Now that he is in Texas and I'm in Massachusetts we do not get to do that anymore. We rarely get to see each other. I miss him a lot. So this recipe is dedicated to him and our love for Fazolis. Love you John! Wish I could see you more!!!  This recipe doesn't taste exactly like Fazolis but its a close try.
This photo was taken at his wedding :-)

Garlic Parm Bread sticks
2 1/4 Tsp Yeast
1/2 C Warm water
(DO NOT USE HOT or it will KILL the yeast)
1 T Sugar
1 1/2 C Warm Water
1/3 C Olive Oil 
(You can use regular if you'd like)
5 C Flour
2 TSP Salt
3 T Sugar
2 T Garlic Salt
1 T Italian Seasonings

1 Stick of butter melted
2 T. Grated Parm
1 T Italian Seasoning
1 T Garlic Salt

In a bowl combine your half cup of warm water, yeast and your one tablespoon of sugar. Whisk it and let it sit for about 3 1/2 Minutes. Then add your 1 1/2 C water, oil, flour, salt, sugar garlic salt and Italian seasonings. If your using a kitchen aid use your dough hook. Let it mix together till it forms a nice ball of dough. You do not want it to sticky...but not to dry. Once your dough is done, then take a bowl and oil it. Place your dough in the bowl and turn over in the oil so it kind of coats it. Set it on the back of your stove. I personally turn my stove on to 350 while it rises. It should take about a half hour to an hour.

Once it has doubled in size take some of it and shape it into a bread stick shape. Place on a cookie sheet.  Brush it with your butter mixture top. Let it rise for 25 minutes. Place in the oven and bake till golden brown.  Brush with leftover butter mixture.

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