Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love with Food Special Promotion

* I am NOT getting paid to advertise this. I have chosen to review and post of my own choosing*

I just love being a food blogger sometimes, because I will get stuff in the mail to review...and usually its edible stuff :-) Love With Food has been working with me since the almost beginning of my blog. You sign up for it and get a box of goodies each month. Now when you send your money each month you'll be donating a meal to those who need it. Plus guess what? This month if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months they will give you a 2 YEAR subscription to Rachel Rays magazine. That is not all though!!! By using the code FESTIVE2013  you will get 5 dollars off your subscription!! This box comes to your house every month and its 10 dollars a month

Love with Food is a neat thing....This is my second box to review and I love it. They provide healthy snacks in there. So not only will you be getting free snacks in the mail, but you'll be helping to provide a meal for those in need!!

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