Monday, October 7, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

This is a different blog post then what I usually post, but several times gratitude as came to my mind...I thought I'd give my thoughts on some things.

This week, we had to take a pit stop at a fast food place, and I held the door open for a lady who was dumping the trash. So I waited patiently, so that I'd be able to open the door for her. Well she finally got done, I opened the door, and I heard nothing. No thank you or anything. So as I was getting ready to open the second door, I thought maybe she'd say it after that door. But no I heard NOTHING. No thank you no nothing.  Now I continue to do this for people because I think it is the nice thing to do . Not because I wanna live with a huge ego. LOL I think that it's important to do that for people, even if they do not say thank you.

Sometimes though I wonder what happened to the word thank you? Has it disappeared? We work really hard to teach our kids to say Please, thank you and your welcome.  They are not perfect but we strive to teach them how to always say those. How can we bring it back?? We first need the ADULTS to start with an attitude of Gratitude. We need adults, doing nice things for people, saying please, thank you, and your welcome. How will our kids be able to offer those words, if the adults can't even do it.

Gratitude is everything!!! As we come upon Thanksgiving in a month or so, it brings up being thankful again. Thankful for your house, your job, everything. It might be hard sometimes, because trust me some days I'm not so thankful. Some days I wake up frustrated at life. Then I remember I have 2 healthy kiddos, great friends, a great blog with great fans, a great house, great family who have our back, my dearest who sticks by me, and stands up for me. With all those things why shouldn't I be grateful?  I know we can't all be perfect but maybe we could strive to add a little more gratitude to our life. Be thankful for what we have instead of what we want or need....Be thankful that we are free to do as we please or need. Lets step up and have an attitude of gratitude.

Thanks for listening :-)

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