Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dance Recital, Day Plans, and cooking

My daughter Meghan(4) has been in Dance since October. Her Dance team sang/danced to " Do Re Mi" from Sound of Music. They were adorable. This is my daughter after her last recital last night. I might be biased  but shes beautiful :-) I am her mom of course. AHA She never smiles at the camera, and shes always moving. LOL So this is the best I could do.

Today we are heading to the Speedway near us for a 4th of July celebration. Cars, and fireworks. My kiddos two favorite things :-)  It'll be an awesome time, that is if my toe doesn't kill me first...I went to see my Chiropractor who helps me with my joint/bone issues. And discovered I broke the tip of my toe. Yeah it hurts...and I just hobble around everywhere. 

This week I plan to make eclairs, Buffalo Chicken dip, Hawaiian Pizza and probably something else. I also have to clean up the house etc. J only works Monday and Tuesday of this next week. That means we get him Wed-Sunday. WOOHOO :-)

I hope everyone has an awesome day :-) Enjoy cooking/baking. If your in the Heat zone stay safe.

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