Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zoo and dinner plans

Two years ago when I had my youngest the hospital gave us a year membership to our local zoo. With that membership you can get in free or half off in a TON of zoo's and museums. We fell in love with it, so this Christmas we redid our membership. Our first floor neighbors told us about this zoo. We looked it up and they had a TON of animals we have never seen. My kids LOVE Lions. There were lions at this zoo and my kids were in aww of it!!! My kiddos loved it. The photo above is of my oldest Meghan :-) They had a splash pad and she was in heaven.

Tonight my dearest made me linguica sandwiches and diced up potatoes. Sooo good..

Tomorrow night for supper we are having : Steak tips, Corn on the Cob and smashed red potatoes.

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