Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taco Pizza

This is my second time making this, and I think I have mastered it now. It looks so much better then the first time I have attempted this :-)

Pizza Dough( I cheat and buy Pillsbury Pizza dough)
Probably 2 hand fulls Crushed up Doritos or tortillas 
1 Tomato 
1 Onion
1 cup or more of shredded lettuce
Small container of  Sour Cream
Taco Sauce
1 lbs Hamburger
 1 Taco Seasoning

Cook your pizza dough in the oven till done. Take out and let cool. While its cooling off, start browning your hamburger. While its browning you can cut up your lettuce,tomatoes,onions and lettuce. When Hamburger is browned, add the Taco seasonings and follow directions on the back of the pack. Take your Doritos/tortilla chips and crush them in a large baggy. Once your Pizza dough has cooled, you can start by layering your taco meat. Then Add a layer of sour cream and swirl the top with taco sauce. Top with onions, and tomatoes. Top with crushed Doritos/tortilla chips on a single layer. Top with shredded cheese and ENJOY!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh its sooo good. We demolished the whole pizza :-)

  2. Sounds yummy!

  3. Gonna try this but I think I am going to add some re-fried beans since the hubs loves them!! Looks and sounds super yummy! Thanks!