Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pizza dough

We decided to do a pizza night every week or so.  I have always bought my pizza dough from Pillsbury. However when I got my kitchen aid stand mixer I found a recipe for pizza dough.  I thought I'd give it a try, since I try to make everything from scratch if I can. Lets just say I will never buy pizza dough again (unless I'm in a huge hurry). It tasted SOOOO much better then the dough from Pillsbury.

Here is the recipe I used Pizza Dough Not everyone has a kitchen aid so take this recipe and use it how you make other bread. I'm sure it will work out just great :-) Definitely a recipe to keep and use.

Tonight's pizza will be a Special Pizza(or what most people know of as supreme). Iinstead of regular sausage I'm using ground up Linguica.  Linguica is a Portuguese sausage...its so tasty.

Second pizza will be a kickin' honey BBQ chicken pizza

Stay tuned for the recipe tonight with pictures

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