Thursday, May 31, 2012

The moment when......

So yesterday for dinner I had decided to make homemade kaiser rolls, with homemade sloppy joes. So I get the bread done with their two rises, and was throwing them in the oven. I discovered that my oven was not heating up. I checked the stove top and it worked. The oven part was not working. I had to throw away my beautiful rolls.. I almost cried...Yeah I'm a foodie and I admit it. HAHA

Good thing about living in an apartment is the fact that the Landlord takes care of all things more then 50 dollars. However the down side is that she is very sick...and we hate having to call her about things. We first try to fix it ourselves. But we looked and couldn't figure out whats wrong.. So we needed to call her.

Months ago my dishwasher started leaking out the bottom of the door. We replaced a seal and it still did it. So we stopped using it. I started washing by hand. I hate washing dishes by hand...which is what made me fall in love with this apartment. It came with a dishwasher. So since the repair man was going to be in the kitchen, he might as well fix the dish washer.  But now he isn't coming till Saturday morning. Which means I'm without my oven and that makes me wanna cry. LOL I miss my oven..

In the midst of having to throw away my pretty rolls,  my food just didn't come out right. I ran out of butter, kids went haywire and I went crazy.  I think all moms come to a point where they get burned out. Yes that was me. So today I'm taking the day "off" :-)

My three year old often tells me " Momma I just wanna chill with you guys" in the words of her I shall chill :-) Only thing I'm doing is giving the kiddos a bath.

Plans are under way for the Chopped Food Blogger Edition challenge. I'm working on a master ingredient list.....and have made a list of all people involved.

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