Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mac N Cheese w/ bacon

So, awhile back we had went to the Dollar Tree in our area. As we were going through the store I discovered these sets of plates that I love. So for Mothers Day I asked for Ten dollars so I could go buy some food prop items :-) The above picture is of the yellow plate and bowl I purchased. So excited about this :-) Can't wait to show you all my new items :-)

A month or so ago I found a recipe for Three Cheese bacon macaroni. I wanted to make it so for Mothers Day dinner we made bbq beef ribs (which was GROSS), and why its not pictured. However in the picture above is our mac n cheese. I made this from Larks Country Heart...It turned out awesome. I used Mac n cheese blend shredded cheese instead of what she listed. However next time I think I want different cheese. So go on and make this. Its tastey!

Link for the recipe:

Have a Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. So Glad you enjoyed it!
    It is a Favorite of my family!