Monday, May 28, 2012

Chopped Food Blogger Edition

Chopped Food Blogger Edition   

This idea came to me the other night, when I was frustrated about another contest I have been in. My desire of this is that EVERYONE, no matter what their budget is can do this. This is still in the beginning stages of  it, but I'm hoping this will be an awesome idea.  I think this will also be an awesome way to get some of the lesser known food blogs out there. I know that a lot of times everyone looses food creativity, so this will provide a way of coming up with awesome meals.   

Like I said this is in the first stages, I wanted to make sure I had enough interest in it.. I have had 15 people interested so far... :-) 

There will be two big rules:

1. The list of ingredients has to be something that everyone even on a tight budget have or buy.  

2. Everyone has to use EVERY ingredient in the list into their recipe. Although I do understand that some are Gluten free and have other allergies. If you have those issues, please substitute your ingredients for something that works the same.  

Those are the two big rules of this. I will be adding more to this as I put this all together. If you have other ideas for this please let me know in comments below. 
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