Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Party, Supper ideas and more

Yesterday as you may know was my daughter Karina's 2nd Birthday party. She loves Elmo, "Cake cakes"(cupcakes), watermelon and balloons. I am a fan of SIMPLE parties :-) We hit up the local dollar store(That place rocks), I made Elmo's out of construction paper :-) We really didn't spend a lot of money on this party. But it was simple and my two year old loved it. Most of all it was made out of love. Sometimes simple is better :-) 

Tonight for supper we are having a sweet chili chicken wraps, and homemade onion rings. Recipe coming tonight of course. I love these wraps, they are simple but soo good. I also enjoy making my own onion rings and they taste soo good :-) Yes this is a deep fried meal, but the wraps are soo good. 

I don't really have a lot of baking plans this week...I might make doughnuts at some point...probably this next weekend. I might end up making rolls for supper this week, but not sure. All really depends on what J wants.

I hope that your day is great everyone :-) Let me know what you are cooking up this week.

-Cooking From A SAHM

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