Monday, April 23, 2012

Tonights supper and other tidbits

Good Afternoon Everyone
Yesterday started out really rough and I got downright frustrated.. I admit I cried...I had a menu plan and due to some things that happened, we only had way less then half our normal grocery money. So I had to throw my grocery list away and just wing it. So the only way to remedy my day was to make cupcakes. HAHA! I had all the ingredients so I just had to make them. I love baking when Im upset because it gives me something to focus on. Create something sweet and good :-) So I made these tastey cupcakes :-) They are from CountertopConfections :-) Make sure you visit her blog.

Tonight for supper we are having Chicken and Rice Soup...I hadn't planned it but its cheap to make, and its a favorite around here with the kids and J. So it is what it is :-) 

I'll post the recipe for it tonight...

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  1. How well I remember those days of creative stretching! :) Hang in there! The cupcakes look delish.