Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whats for supper, and Gardening

Good Morning!
I thought I'd combine two things into one post :-) WOO :-) Technically I just woke up and never much of a wooing mood. Anyways :-)
Tonight for supper, J is grilling out sirloin steak strips, and a veggie medley packet. The veggie packet will have zucchini, summer squash, onions, red and green peppers, garlic and butter. Then I'm making roasted red potatoes with olive oil,pepper and sea salt :-)

Now onto other news :-)

Growing up we always had a garden or almost always! I LOVE vegetables out of the garden....nothing like going out in the garden to pick your salad, or going into the garden to chow down on a tomato. My mom also canned...She did both water bath and pressure canning. I love that, and love doing it. Nothing like having your own garden goodies waiting for you in the winter when vegetables suck. LOL

Fast forward to adulthood....This is the first year in my adulthood that I can do my OWN garden. I hate buying vegetables at the store...they never taste as good as the ones you grow. Not to mention who knows what crud they put on them. While I can not pressure cook canning(can't afford the canner), I'd love to use my water bath skills to can a few things, what I won't can I will freeze. That way this winter when veggies become plastic, then I will have my own treasure of goodies. We finally got permission to plant a garden( we live in an apartment). Our landlord is awesome and agreed to it. So now I'm getting to start on a whole other treasure trove. My kids love vegetables so yes they will be involved. Each of my daughters will be getting their own plant. They will help me clean up the area and pick vegetables. I look forward to the time where I can teach my daughter the things that my mom taught me. I have fond memories of picking vegetables, snapping beans :-) Precious memories that can not be taken away! For that I am grateful :-)


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