Sunday, January 22, 2012


Cooking relaxes me! If I am having a really bad day, or if the kids are aggravating me I can't wait to cook supper. LOL  It means I can throw myself into something cook to my hearts content. I rarely follow a recipe unless its cookie recipe as I do not just dump baking powder or soda. But for the most part I take a recipe and I change it to what I like :-) Generally I do make an awesome dish, bread or muffin...

People ask me  for recipes and I have to actually sit down and figure out what my measurments are :-)  Its one of the ways I was mom taught me how to cook....She let us kids loose in the kitchen to experiment. IT was fun....We had a blast. As a result my siblings and I enjoy cooking...along with our newly gained family member my brothers Wife  Amy :-)

I love cooking for my family......Its my favorite part of the day. Especially when we all sit at the table :-) Happy Cooking!

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