Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly Menus

A long while back I decided to start a weekly menu.  Every Saturday I make a menu. This menu does not have a certain day for each food. Because honestly sometimes Im just not in the mood for a certain food. So I make a list, and then make a grocery list, and buy all the ingredients. In doing that I have discovered that it is cheaper for us when shopping. Atleast I have a plan, list of foods so Im not suck without something. That is not saying that I don't forget stuff cause I do. So this week here is the menu list. Its for Monday-Wednesday. Thursday night is errand night so we just grab something at the store.

Menu December 12-14
Chicken wraps with sweet chili sauce
Shepards Pie
Fried chicken,mashed potatoes/gravy,corn and cranberry sauce.

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