Friday, November 6, 2015

Testicular Cancer Post- Tommy John Underwear

This is not a post that I usually write...but once in awhile I get asked to do something that I can't turn down. So yes this is not spam :-) If it can save a life or two then it is well worth it. The topic of today's post is Testicular Cancer. I know that I have a lot of women that follow my blog, but I also have several men.  I was inspired by Tommy John  to bring awareness to this cancer. They have joined with the Testicular Cancer Foundation to bring awareness this month to the cancer.  You can also Win a new pair of underwear for your man, or if your a man you can win one for yourself.  They have designed underwear that is great for men. Entering is really easy on Instagram.

I want to talk to you women and ask that you gently nudge men in your life to get checked.  Men if you are reading this I urge you to get checked...better to be safe then sorry! In the mean time go join the giveaway and get a pair of underwear :-) It can't hurt :-)

Now go win some underwear and get yourself checked if your a man :-)

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