Friday, October 23, 2015

No Kid Hungry-Friendsgiving

It is coming upon the holiday season, and while many of you are at home enjoying food others are not.  Many of you know I am a No Kid Hungry blogger, and they have informed me of a really cool opportunity. This opportunity is not just for me but for you. This will give you the chance to eat really good food AND raise money for No Kid Hungry. How cool is that?! 

This awesome opportunity is called Friendsgiving. You host a Thanksgiving meal and invite, family friends and anyone else.  While your hosting, you have people donate to No Kid Hungry. No Kid hungry mission is that no child goes hungry. Just 1 dollar provides TEN meals. That's 10 meals for 10 kids...Can you imagine how they will feel going to bed with a full belly??! No child should ever have to worry about when their next meal is. They need to play, learn and grow.

How does this work? Host a Thanksgiving meal in your home or where ever, and set up a donation page through No Kid Hungry. Each person can donate to attend....Do good for the world while eating food sounds like a plan to me. What are you waiting for? Check out their website for more information. No Kid Hungry-Friendsgiving

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