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How to store your cookbooks: Guest Post from

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 Creative Ways to Display Your Cookbooks

You love your cookbook collection. From your copy of Skinny Taste to your vintage edition of Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners, you cherish every page and have allowed these books to lead you in your culinary adventures. The only problem is, you’re not sure where to put them in your kitchen. Don’t hide your collection away! Try these fun creative ways to display your cookbooks for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Add A Corner Shelf

If you don’t have a space for your cookbooks in your cabinets or on your countertops, add a corner shelf. A corner shelf is designed to fit perfectly into small spaces and it has a curve that keeps your from bumping into it while navigating your kitchen quarters. This type of shelf doesn’t need to be too tall and you can paint it any color to match your decor. Place your cookbooks on the different levels and add kitchen tools for fun accents. In this image, you can see the owner added a jar for loose change and on the bottom shelf added pretty nesting bowls.

Showcase Them on a Hanging Pot Rack

One of my favorite places to display cookbooks is by stacking them on a hanging pot rack. Whether your pot rack is situated above your kitchen island or it’s hung on a side wall, you can add a few brightly colored cookbooks to add variety. A lot of pot racks even have spaces designated to hold your collection of books. By displaying them on a pot rack, you get them out of the way, but they’re still easy to find. If you’d really like to decorate vertically, consider placing an herb plant (real or fake) on top of a stack of books or beside them on the pot rack.

Place Them Above a Kitchen Desk

A lot of kitchens have built-in desks for bookkeeping and other tasks. Since this space in your room is already designated for papers and other like-items, why not display your cookbooks above it? In this picture, you can see that there are shelves right above the kitchen desk. Instead of placing kitchen items on them, place your books. A great trick to break up the space is to add a decorative item on one shelf like a plate or an aesthetic kitchen item, like a teapot. You can also organize the cookbooks by color.

Use the Book Covers Like Art
Do you remember when you were a kid and the library displayed children’s books with the covers facing you? You can use this method of showcasing your cookbooks! All you need are shelves incorporated into your cabinets that are relatively shallow. Instead of placing the books in sideways, place them with the cover facing out, like a propped up piece of art. You can play with the look and change it up. I like to place a few books with their covers out and a few books horizontally like usual. The shelves in this picture are just waiting for a few brightly colored cookbooks to be placed facing out in some of the negative spaces!

Grab a Basket
A basket is a clever option for creatively displaying your cookbooks. Choose one that matches your kitchen style. It can be a wire basket, a wooden basket, or a metal bin with a chalkboard tag on it. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your books and that it is easy to move around. You can keep this basket on a kitchen counter or you can place it on the floor, in an empty corner of your kitchen, for some added decoration.

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Stack Them On Shelves
If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen island with shelves, this is the perfect place to display your cookbooks! Shelving in an island is usually deep enough to hold your entire collection and it keeps your books out of the spill zone. Take a styling cue from this image and add bookends for a sophisticated look. Agate bookends and white vases make for great displays and also keep you cookbooks from toppling over.
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