Monday, February 2, 2015

Candle Shell Vase DIY

 I love ocean! Before I moved to Massachussets I had never been the ocean. I lived in Illinois growing up, so the ocean well was not there. LOL So now I live really close and well its great. I collect sand castles and starfish.... Anyhow, my bathroom is ocean...and well it makes me happy. I have been wanting to do projects for it to bring in more ocean.  Yet I can't afford most of the ocean items. So I'm on a mission to create some. I created this Shell Candle Vase. The cost?  $4! Yes you read that right. It was just four dollars. See I have a love for the Dollar Tree. You can find a lot of good decorating and house items there if you look. Check it out! Anyhow, here is how you can make one for yourself. 

1 Glass Vase like shown above
1 package of white sand
(found near the candles at the dollar store)
1 package of shells 
(also found at the dollar store)
Red Candle(medium one)
(or whatever color you want)

Take your glass vase, and pour the package of sand in it. Make it even. Next take your scallop shells and put them in the sand on the side, so that the color and ridges are showing. Do this around the vase.  Next take your candle and stick it in the middle. Turn it around a few times to get it in some of the sand. There you have it...your DIY Shell Candle Vase. Its four dollars, if you get the items at the dollar tree.

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