Sunday, November 2, 2014

Basically Easy Eats- Ground Beef.

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our first installment of Basically Easy Eats. This will come out every Friday! You maybe wondering what it is.  Basically Easy Eats is a series that I'm doing, that will focus on Basic ingredients that can make easy meals. Lets face it ground beef, flour, butter etc are things we generally have on hand. A lot of times we have ground beef hanging around with no idea what to do with it. Some days when your stressed and not sure what is for dinner, its awesome to have ideas on Easy recipes. So this week I am focusing on Ground Beef.

Ground Beef is such an easy ingredient that can be used for A LOT of recipes. I make a meal with it at least twice to three times a week.  Awhile back I actually decided to make and freeze spaghetti sauce. Its an easy meat sauce that can be used for EVERYTHING. You can buy large amounts of hamburger when its on sale and make this super simple meat sauce. Link below:

With that meat sauce I have a lot of super simple recipes using it. You can use it for spaghetti, lasagna, baked ziti, and lots more.  I let it cool, then pour it into freezer bags. Then I make them flat. They stack neatly in a freezer and do not take up much room. Which is a good thing because my freezer is small. It lasts for awhile too. Now below is a list of all the recipes you can make with the above meat sauce.

Like I said the above recipe can be used for everything you need a meat sauce for. Just take it out and let it thaw. It'll just need heated up.

Now that we have done the meat sauce lets talk about just using plain hamburger. One of the recipes I have here on the blog is Easy Veggie Soup. Its super simple. V8 Juice, Canned veggies, and hamburger. Yes, those ingredients you will probably have on hand. Best part? It can be made easy in the crock pot. 

Another ground beef recipe is actually my meatballs in the crock pot recipe. This requires just Ground beef, an egg, ketchup, and oats to make the meatballs. The sauce is just spaghetti sauce. Its easy.

Just when you think I don't have another ground beef recipe, I got another one :-) This one is for Shepards pie! Its just THREE ingredients. Hamburger, corn and mashed potatoes. Yes just that easy. So say you have a leftover thing of mashed potatoes, can of corn and and hamburger but don't know what to use it for? Make this easy but great recipe.

There are so many ground beef recipes. I hope that you have enjoyed this first installment of Basically Easy Eats on Ground Beef. Friday will be Basically Easy Eats using CHICKEN!!!

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  1. I do the same with my spaghetti sauce. I like the bag idea. And the veggie soup in the crock pot.