Monday, September 22, 2014

Fancy Done Easy Mac N Cheese w/ Bacon

So, this week we had an unplanned bill show up so my grocery budget shrunk a lot. Yesterday come supper time I had to figure out what to make. I love Velveeta Shells and cheese but for some reason we had a cheese sauce packet left alone. Then I realized I had a box of pasta that needed to be used, an onion and 3 slices of bacon. So I decided I would make a simple but fancy mac n cheese. It dresses the usual up. So that's how I came up with " Fancy Done Easy" Mac N Cheese. It was super good.

"Fancy Done Easy" Mac N Cheese
1 Box of Rotini Pasta
1 Packet of Velveeta Sauce
3 Slices of bacon minced
1 Onion Diced
2 Tablespoons of Garlic
2 T of butter

Mince up onion and dice raw bacon. In a skillet cook the bacon to almost done and throw in the onion, garlic and butter. Cook till the onions are cooked down. Add some garlic sea salt. to taste. Put it on a  paper towel and set aside. In a sauce pan boil your noodles and drain. When its done then mix your sauce packet and bacon mixture. Stir and ENJOY.

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