Monday, July 28, 2014

Garlic and Bacon Green Beans

Hello Everyone, 
Last night the kids were eating dinner at their Grandma's house. So it was just J and I for dinner. I made shake and bake chicken and I was trying to come up with a side dish. I looked and saw I had fresh beans I had just picked the day before. So I came up with this tasty dish. This is a good dish :-) My dearest said it was sooo good he had two helpings. So I hope you enjoy this dish.
Garlic and Bacon Green Beans
2-3 Cups of Fresh Green Beans snapped
1 Lb of Bacon diced
2 T Garlic Oil 
(you can just use regular garlic minced)
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a skillet take your diced bacon and get it almost crispy. Then drain most of the grease.  Add your green beans. Stir it up and cook until the bacon is crispy and the green beans are cooked through but not mushy. You want them with a little bit of a crunch. Add your garlic oil and salt and pepper. Stir up and cook for a few minutes. Take off skillet and put it on a paper towel to soak up some grease. Put in a bowl and ENJOY!!!

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  1. These look very similar to the Green Beans that I make. I have never seen garlic oil I will have to look for it the next time I am at the store.