Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bouqs- Hot Lava Flower review

About a month or so ago I received an email from The Bouqs company. They offered me to review their flowers.  At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to after all I was a food blog. However....what mom doesn't like flowers?! So I sent an email back  and it was set up. I went to their site and picked from their flowers. Boy was that a difficult choice to make. They were all so beautiful.  I picked the Hot Lava Bouq. Now first let me tell you a secret....I have a MASSIVE love for Volcanoes. Can't explain it I just do. LOL So when I found the Volcano collection I had to choose. THEN I saw the Hot Lava bouq and well I knew right then and there that's what I wanted. They are grown on farms on the side of an active Volcano. Ordering was easy. I got it ordered and sent to me. This took a bit but that's because of travel. They will be coming from a whole other country.  If you need them sooner they do offer a California ones. They are a bit more expensive but you can order for overnight.  
I'm in love with the Volcano collection! These make me smile and they smell heavenly. They arrived Fed Ex Express. You can order with or without a signature but without a signature they can't tell you how well the flowers will do if left out.

Now I got these free but regular charge is 40 dollars flat!! Free shipping for all registered users.  They do not ship to Canada sorry Canada fans but they are working on it.  40 dollars flat for a dozen roses, free shipping and no handling charges. How awesome is that??? 

I will definitely be ordering from them again!!! They are awesome and I got great flowers from them. The flowers arrived awesome!!!  When you get them you have to remove their guard petals and cut off some of their leaves. You'll be left with amazing flowers trust me! I don't often promote anything that I don't find awesome.  Check out their site The Bouq!!!! Don't forget to order :-)

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  1. The flowers are gorgeous - and that's a very reasonable price for delivered roses. I'm very impressed!