Monday, June 16, 2014

Internet Safety

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm bringing you a different kind of post then I usually do. It has nothing to do with food BUT it is very important. A company called Single Hop contacted me if I would like to do a post on internet safety. Yes it has nothing to do with food BUT I feel you as my fans deserve a little reminder, or to learn something new.

I love the Internet and always have. It has connected me to people I never would of met. Now as an adult it also helps me communicate with my family in Illinois.  My parents can keep in touch with their grandchildren. So the Internet is VERY useful. However, it has dangers. No I'm not talking about stalkers even though it does happen. I'm talking about sharing of information. I have a list of tips:

1. Never make a password anyone can guess.
So many people choose a password that is well known. It is important to try to choose a password that is not simple. Something that no one else could figure out!! Change your password every 30 days so that its never the same one for a long period of time. Another tip is to use capital letters, lower case and numbers. Never let it include personal information that can be guessed.
This graphic was provided by Single Hop
2. Never share your password
If anyone asks for your password NEVER give it out!!! No one ever needs to know it.
3. Never give out SS card or any other highly personal info
Do not ever give out your SS number or any other information. If you get an email asking for your SS number, bank number etc DO not give it out. If it is a bank then call your bank and ask. It is important to keep your safety number 1. Another thing to do is never keep your credit card on file with amazon etc. I actually enter my numbers each time I want to buy something. That way if the site gets hacked your credit card is not right there.
4. Do not believe everything online. Take time to research
Facebook is loaded with untrue stories. Please make sure to research everything you read before you believe it. You know the saying "If its to good to be true then it probably isn't true".
5. Stay far away from money scams, such as promising large amounts of money.
Face it if you ever check out your spam folder you find people from Africa trying to give you your millions that their great aunt Joe or sue left them. All you have to do is a money order and back numbers. Sounds great to me a million dollars? Sure thing LOL. However DO NOT believe these. They are just scams and can get you in to a mess of trouble. Stay away!!
6. If you meet someone from online please do it in a public place during the day time.
This is a good plan to always remember. I love online and meeting people. However you need to do it smart. Always meet in a public place with lots of people. I'm NOT going to tell you to never meet someone online because I do not believe its wrong. You just have to be smart about it. Meet at a restaurant or even at a store or park. Make sure to do it during the day. If someone wants to meet you alone and at dark then DO NOT do it.
7. Please control kids  Internet use.
My parents let us go online and we even had a shared email address. My parents were very involved in my Internet life. The computer was in the living room, and we couldn't be alone with it at night until we were older.  Please if you have kids be involved, and ask them questions. Do not be afraid to check things out.

In the end just please enjoy the Internet just be SMART :-)


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