Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baking Bread Q&A

My Good Friend Sarah asked this question this morning so I thought I'd combine all the info in the conversation :-)

Sarah asked "I need help baking bread. And baking stuffed bread! I have always had trouble with bread and I have a dip recipe that I really want to put in a fresh baked load of bread! What recipe for bread would you suggest for a beginner bread maker!?" 

Here is what i said 
"I'd always go for a basic bread recipe. With a basic bread recipe you can play with it. Just make sure your yeast is good, and active. FYI Always keep your yeast in the freezer.I have a Kaiser roll recipe I use that you could put the dip in them and roll them up.

If your using a bowl and a spoon to mix the bread you should knead it by hand. If your kitchen is drafty I put hte oven on and put the bread on the back of the stove. Cover it with a cloth or paper towel also works.

She asked "What brand yeast do you suggest I get?"

I said " I use Red Star Yeast, and love it. I have tried other brands and honestly hate it. Red Star Yeast gives me good bread all the time. Make sure to put your yeast in the freezer, and make sure its active. You do not want yeast that is dead"

*Note I did not get paid to say that...I truly love their yeast.*

I use this Kaiser roll recipe a lot and it freezes good too. 

If any of you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me :-)

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