Saturday, June 8, 2013

Raspberry Brownie Cups

Raspberry Brownie Cup

Here is a semi easy dessert that will cure any one's need for as sweet treat. The fresh raspberries add a nice flavor.

Box Brownie Mix
Fresh Raspberries
Whip Cream
Salted caramel sauce

Bake your brownies as directed. When done set out to cool. While it's cooling you can make if you want a Salted Caramel sauce(or you can buy sauce like that)   Let it sit out. Then make your homemade whip cream

1 Container of Whipping Cream
3 T. Sugar
1 T Vanilla
Whip till it peaks and feels like whip cream. Put it in the fridge till your ready to use it.

Take your brownies and cut them up. Put them in the bottom of the cup. Drizzle Salted caramel sauce over it. Add 6 raspberries. Top with whip cream. More brownie crumbles, salted caramel sauce. Top with Whip cream. Put in a raspberry. Drizzle with Salted Caramel sauce. Then ENJOY 

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