Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly Menu

Good Morning :-) I'm super excited about my menu this week :-) Some new recipes will be happening for you, and I'm trying a few recipes out :-)  If you are wondering why I only have three meals is because that is how our week works. I make a menu for Monday-Wednesday. Thursday night we run errands and just eat something quick, Friday-Sunday we eat whatever, and sometimes eat over at Js parents house. This is what works best for us.

Honey Lime Chipolte Chicken topped with cucumber, tomato, basil salad. Then for sides we are having homemade tortilla chips and zucchini oven fries (new recipe coming next week)

Hamburgers on the grill and onion strings

Grilled Turkey Paninis(new recipe coming next week)

My four year old and I have a love of basil and tomatoes. So I was scrolling through and found the Bachelor Kitchen  He made Roasted Caprese Skewers. I fell in love with them and so did my daughter. So we are trying them next week..

I'm hoping to do some baking this next week, we will see if it happens :-)

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