Sunday, February 24, 2013

Strawberry Cakes w/ fresh whip cream

Good Evening Everyone,

A few weeks back I got a brownie pan from Pampered Chef. It's become one of my favorite pans. Last week I made Apple Crisps in a biscuit cup...Well yesterday in bed I got the idea to make a sponge cake in the brownie pan. I'm sure you can just pour it into a pan and bake it. If you want the brownie pan PM me and I'll send you to a way you can order it. 

These sponge cakes are really good. They are not your traditional sponge cake, but oh  so good. Then top it with the strawberries, and homemade whip cream. Oooo MAN LOL :-) 

I got my sponge recipe from this website: Sponge Cake

***Now here is where I changed it: I for one put it in a brownie pan, 2 I used salted butter instead of unsalted. Didn't effect it at all :-) When using my brownie pan I didn't need to use a spray. But you might want to in a pan. I also wouldn't cook it as long as they said, just keep an eye on it. I did it in ten minute sections. Making sure it was still cooking. You can use a tooth pick in it to see if it comes out clean. ***

I used  strawberries in a plastic container but you can use fresh if you want. You will top your mini cakes with the strawberries and juice. Then top with homemade whip cream.

The whip cream recipe I kinda just threw together out of my head :-) 

1 Pint of Whipping Cream
2 1/2 T of Sugar
1 Tsp of Vanilla

In a bowl put your whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla. Now whisk or mix it till it starts to thicken. I recommend using a mixer on high for awhile to make it whip up nicely. Just keep an eye on it and it will be done when it gets some nice soft peaks. It needs to be thick enough to where you can spoon it on something.  It isn't to sweet, but will act very nicely with the rest of the ingredients.   

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