Monday, January 28, 2013

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Candied Bacon

I joined a recipe swap with some fellow bloggers. While I was trying to find a recipe to try this one jumped out at me. This is brown butter chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon. I love Bacon and so does my dear friend Becca who owns this recipe. It's from her Blog "It's Yummilicious" Now these were suppose to spread more, but they didn't. I didn't use bread flour, nor did I use half and half. Next time I think I will do that. I think that is what happened. However, they taste really good, and the dough is really amazing.

Brown butter....I had never heard of browned butter till Becca came along.. What was a missing? Holy Moley!!! I must try other recipes with browned butter.

Let me tell you the candied bacon is amazing....Truly amazing. I ate 2 errr 3 pieces and I won't tell ya how much cookie dough I ate haha.  You all must try this recipe from Becca. Her food is amazing and she's awesome too :-)

Here is the link to Becca's Recipe :-) 

Go do it....You don't wanna miss this :-)


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