Monday, November 19, 2012

NB Food,Toy,Clothing drive

(There was more that came after I took this picture, but I didn't get another one taken after that. Food drive was put together by Project of New Bedford and Peopleofnewbedford.)

As many of you know I volunteered to help with a food/clothing/toy/blanket drive yesterday...Many of you also know I was very nervous about it... I am not so good at meeting new people, due to the fact I am quiet. But when I saw an opportunity to volunteer for a food drive, I was happy.  So, yesterday I had to be at CORK at 10 AM! J drops me off, and as I was walking up to the door I was thinking " What am I doing here?"....Then I thought to myself " I'm helping those in need, I CAN DO THIS"....I was pretty much trying to convince myself, and make myself feel better. LOL Walked up to the door, and went inside and met Roger and Kevin  who were also doing the food drive. . They were so nice, and pretty easy to talk to.. I begin to feel at peace. I was there early though so we waited for people to get there. When I met everyone who was volunteering I felt comfortable with them. Once people got there, I got this awesome name tag that Sarah from ProjectNB made:

I felt so awesome having that name tag :-) Made me feel important haha! Seriously though, we got our name tags, and I started working on a poster to put on some of the business's who were helping us out. There were several business's who offered their help in collecting donations. Not all of the volunteers showed up that were suppose to, but it turned out okay anyways. We all worked together to do something awesome for those in need. We began sorting through clothes, and had a good time doing it I must admit.  We got a LOT of clothes....I'm not sure exactly how many bags but it was a lot. We also got a lot of toys, blankets, shoes, coats, hats and much more.  It was amazing to see who all contributed to making this a success.  Everyone who donated got a discount card to several of the business's. One of which was Pizan's who gave everyone who had that card a free slice of pizza. They also made the workers of the Food Drive some pizza.  CORK 767 Exchange and Hibernia also gave discounts.

I honestly think it was a success.  Project New Bedford is an upcoming organization who is trying to  help those who are in need.  You can check out their page here: ProjectNewBedford :-) At the end of the day  I felt awesome, and gained new friends. Even when frustrations were high due to some complications, we all worked together, talked it out and came up with solutions. It was amazing to work with those who had a heart to help those in need. It is a very fulfilling time. I came not sure what to expect, and not knowing anyone. Ended it going out with my new found friends. I came to be apart of something bigger, something to learn, something to gain. I am a stay at home mom, but yesterday left me thankful for my kids, family, and friends. I have chosen to help Project of New Bedford on upcoming events. I look forward to it.....

Would I do it again?! Yes I would a thousand times over. I really have a heart for helping those in need.

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  1. Good job! I really enjoyed reading this. Glad it was a good turn out. There still are people that care, and this proves it in our little city of New Bedford Mass.