Monday, August 6, 2012

Tonight's Menu and date night

Good Morning Everyone,

I LOVE corn dogs...not sure why but I love them. Back in my childhood years my mom made homemade corn dogs. So I really want to try my own version :-) So tonight Im making homemade corn dogs. Another love of mine is Loaded Waffle Fries from Friendlys. Im going to attempt to make something similiar. So stay tuned tonight for TWO new recipes.

I know some of you have heard me talking about wanting a date night will I got one. Here is what I posted about it on my personal page. :-) It was such a special time it truly helped me feel a lot better :-)

 " So yesterday afternoon I was playing on my computer, and J suddenly says to pack a bag for Karina cause we were going on a date night. I was COMPLETELY surprised. We have not had a date night in a LONG LONG time. I was super excited. So he says to me " First we will go find you a new shirt, and not a second hand one. I want you to feel pretty tonight" ....So he took me to three stores before I fou
nd the one I liked. Then he took me toStonebridge Bistro....That is our special restaurant that is just for us, that we only go to on very special occasions. Their food is AMAZING. We had bbq steak tips, with fresh zucchini, and mashed potatoes w/ watermelon on the side. We also had Bruschetta which again is THE BEST :-) Then for dessert we had the most amazing fried ice cream. Seriously Stonebridge Bistro is so very good. Then we decided to walk along the shops. Then we walked along the beach and J picked me some wild flowers along the walk. We set by the water and enjoyed it all. I so very needed this. Made me feel like more then a mom. We came home to drop off leftovers, and headed to the another beach to walk on the Hurricane Barrier. It was oh so nice. It was dark and so foggy but was beautiful. Then we decided to head to our friends house, then headed to the Portuguese feast. It was PACKED...and I mean PACKED. We ended the night going on the Ferris Wheel which is something we usually don't do together. All in all this was the perfect gift for me. I needed this more then anything, and I feel so much better. Makes me fall in love with him more and more :-)"

I hope everyone has an awesome day :-) I need to get the house back in order, and do laundry.

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